Lending & Borrowing

Lending and borrowing are the core functionalities of YieldBlox. Users can deposit assets into the YieldBlox protocol where they are lent to a variety of borrowers. Borrowers use their lent assets as collateral to borrow other assets. They pay interest to the protocol which distributes it to lenders.

Learn more about lending and borrowing on YieldBlox:

  • Lending The basics of lending on YieldBlox, including how it works, what pool tokens are, and more!

  • Borrowing The basics of borrowing on YieldBlox, including how it works, what collateral is, and repayment.

  • Interest Rates How interest rates work and how to change them.

  • Health Factors What a health factor is and how to increase it.

  • Liquidations Describes what liquidations are and how they work on YieldBlox.

  • Proposed Future Features

    • Isolated Lending Pools

    • Token Delegation

    • Lines of Credit How YieldBlox facilitates lines of credit.

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