YBX Airdrop Setup

YBX Token

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Domain: https://script3.io/

How to set up a trustline to YBX

To set up a trustline to YBX, a user must have a Stellar wallet because YBX is a custom Stellar asset. The easiest way to establish a trustline is with a LOBSTR wallet.

A trustline can also be established if a user prefers a Freighter, Albedo, or Rabet wallet, but the user must go through the Stellar Laboratory to set it up. See this section for instructions on this.

Setting up a trustline with LOBSTR


  • Verify the issuing domain is https://script3.io/

  • Select the Add Asset button in the top right corner.

  • A pop-up will appear asking if you wish to add the asset, select Add.

  • YBX should then show up in your assets, and you have successfully established a YBX trustline with your LOBSTR wallet!

  • Celebrate with pizza 🍕

Setting up a trustline with Stellar Lab

  • Ensure you are on the public network (you can select your network with the toggle button in the top right corner).

  • Select the Build Transaction button.

  • Enter your public key on the box labeled Source Account. You can usually find your public key in the settings of most wallets. It is a long string of characters starting with 'G'

  • Click the Fetch next sequence number button.

  • Click Add Operation at the bottom of the screen, and add a Change Trust operation. Enter these asset details: Alphanumeric 4 Asset code: YBX Issuing account: GBUYYBXWCLT2MOSSHRFCKMEDFOVSCAXNIEW424GLN666OEXHAAWBDYMX This will allow you to hold the YBX asset.

  • Click the Sign in Transaction Signer button.

  • Then click Submit in Transaction Submitter.

  • Add your account's secret key in the Signature field. Your secret key can typically be found in your settings as well.

  • On the next page, click Submit Transaction.

  • If you get a message saying your transaction was successful, you have added a YBX trustline to your account!

  • Celebrate with cake 🍰

If you have any questions about setting up your YBX trustline, reach out to [email protected].